Step Rockets – Phantom Flower

The Step Rockets brand is exploding right now.  Their style evolves with every new release and they always seem to know which direction the indie scene is headed. As one of the tightest live shows in the indie scene, i'm looking forward to seeing this track live next time...

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Step Rockets – Kisser (Dart Party Remix)

These are the fun ones. When your friends get together and create something awesome. This is truly what it's all about. There have been grumblings about this remix for months. And to FINALLY get a chance to listen to this audio gold is just top...

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Step Rockets – Kisser

Step Rockets were not on the radar prior to this morning when a producer friend eloquently gave the heads up. The indie-rock foursome has been performing Kisser in and around their native Minneapolis for at least a year now but premiered a sweet video on Neon Gold just...

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