amidst an episode, episode hopes for a new episode

"Boy band" no longer, this NYC foursome, Episode, have set out on the humbling quest of a full-fledged makeover, a reinvention of themselves. The desire to shake off their former selves in to something a tad more "palatable" was strong enough that it appears they...

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teenage wrist

Teenage Wrist: a band, not a medical condition

There isn't much to know about the 90's nodding, Goo alluding, Yuck guitaring, semi-shoegazing trio Teenage Wrist (that's basically ALL of the things to describe them:-/). A collaborative side project of some dudes from Colorado who full-time other bands, Teenage Wrist formed up in 2015...

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Summer’s Over w/ CRUISR

Now that summer's officially over, besides ya'know, the 90+ degree heat, violent panhandlers, and perpetual subway sweat, we can pay homage to all the Shady Girls of Summer. To the gals who insist on only meeting up "out east" - umm, why would I do that?...

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Hey Anna – Move Your Body

Hey Anna is a NJ/ Brooklyn based band who've been around for some time now, but seem to finally be earning the recognition they so deserve. The band, fronted by 3 sisters, plans to release their first full length LP, Run Koko, on July 7th...

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Afrojack – SummerThing!

(yes, that photo is amazing, in case you were wondering) I thought most DJ's got in to it to compensate for something, or because like, they couldn't get in to clubs on their own, but Afrojack is 1) Dutch, and everyone knows clubs love Euros with...

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big wild 2

Big Wild – Aftergold

LA remixologist Big Wild has all sorts of funky jams for your summer chill session needs. Idk if anyone's ever said "remixologist" before, but I've never heard of it, so I'm copyrighting that right now. You're all witness! What a great word. (ok I just...

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Midnight Pool Party – Stay & Linger

Australian nu(de?)-disco-duo, Midnight Pool Party, are priming us for the sunshine season with their delectable funky summer jams. Joining forces in 2013, obviously influenced by disco & funk, MPP have been doin' it right for some time now - makin' tunes that make them happy in the awesomest...

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