Moon Walkers Art

Moon Walkers – Charmé[d] to meet ya.

I present to you, Moon Walkers for some 2016 charmé[d] (tenses: ing, s, ed) listening. The name comes from what I can envision would be the perfect (not to everyone) playlist for my first walk on the moon. Don't make me wait too long, Branson. 2016...

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GIBBZ – Love Again

GIBBZ, the drunken, obnoxious, and offensive mess-of-a-Brooklynite alter ego of the Berklee College of Music grad, Mike Gibney. His pals convinced him it was "ok to drink copious amounts of alcohol and make everyone within a 30 ft radius uncomfortable." So if I got this...

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HOLYCHILD – Money All Around

LA-band HOLYCHILD call themselves "brat pop" - but also refer to themselves as "if Katy Perry, Andy Warhol, and Robyn had a menage-a-tryst and out popped a perfect pop baby for adults only." Sounds a little pedophile-ish but whatever, I can flex with it. They were...

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made in heights

Made In Heights: death by synth

Taken from Kevin Bronson @ BuzzbandsLA: "What the world needs now is another producer-driven electro-pop duo like I need a whole in my head." I couldn't have said the words better myself. BUT, if you listen, realllllly listen, you'll find some excellent new stuff out...

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PRIDES – 2 tickling tracks

PRIDES (sometimes PR/DES), a threesome of Glasgow synthpoppers (the most edgy popper-based musician subgenre), started kickin' up dust in 2014 with sporadic track releases - all dope tracks, really. Making the move from punk to electropop (which tells a lot about why they're so good) was...

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Clifflight – two dope tracks

Fresh off another damn Pats victory, sexy synth-pop Bostonian quintet, CliffLight, all met at Berklee College of Music, although they "don't wanna be known as a Berklee band," which is weird since THAT'S where they met, and wouldn't exist without it...

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Kitten – Like A Stranger

If you don't know Kitten, now you know! For real. 19-year old Chloe Chaidez has rock star written all over her, and if you ever see her live you will truly understand - she shredded the stage so hard her skin-tight kimono (yes, she was...

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Pr0files – Forgive

Electronica synth-popper duo living in LA, PrOfiles, write about "sex, addiction, hypnotherapy and love" (doesn't "synth-popper" sounds like some newfangled rich kid club drug? Kids these days and their synth-popping...

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