Tei Shi – Go Slow (Blue Hawaii Remix)

Here at TMD, we love a good remix. Lucky for us, Blue Hawaii has transformed Tei Shi's “Go Slow” into a hypnotizing record. With growing buzz surrounding the talented songstress, Tei Shi knows how to churn out killer tracks such as "Nevermind the End," "Bassically," and of...

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Tei Shi – Go Slow

Effortlessly cool. Tei Shi has been on a slow burn turned raging fire as of late. She just oozes sex appeal in the most mysterious of ways. Her silky smooth vocals lure you in to a warmth of something I can't quite put my finger...

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Tei Shi – Bassically (HONNE Remix)

HONNE dims the lights and pours a glass of champagne all over Tei Shi's energetic track, "Bassically." The UK-duo seduces Valerie Teicher's vocals with a string of flirtatious tones and a voluptuous beat, transforming her throw-down thriller into a smooth, sultry treat. ...

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[VIDEO] Tei Shi – Bassically

The allure of her voice is addictive and her feel is mysteriously magnetic. Tei Shi sucks you in to her world with a seductively energetic whisper, and makes you stay with a powerfully catchy, electro-pop beat. Today, Valerie Teichner's music became theatric in the release of her official video for the hypnotic...

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Tei Shi – Nevermind the End

Really digging Tei Shi's second single. Honestly, really digging Tei Shi (Brooklyn's own Val Teicher) in general. I moonlight as a blogger but during the day I work at a print shop, and I got to know Val a bit when she printed a mini-series...

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