Max / The Most Definitely Best of 2013

Max’s Top 13 of ’13

Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever (Story of the Running Wolf Remix) Im partially embarrassed to be putting a Taylor Swift track on my Best Of list, but this remix is just so damn choice.  And to think our homies at SOTRW made it entirely...

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The 1975 – Chocolate (DWNTWN Cover)

Jamie Leffler's voice is so ethereal and wispy and beautiful like a pretty scarf from a street cart in India. I just wanna dance around in a field with it flowing around me. Someone should take pics and put 'em on Instagram. Dwntwn is one of...

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The 1975

The 1975 – Chocolate

Hanging around NYC for the weekend? TMD's gonna be hiding easter eggs all up in Santos tonight for The 1975 show. Come get yer brit-pop on. Doors at 7:30. ...

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