Max’s Top 14 of 2014

No winners, no losers, just the 14 sounds of 2014 that make me smile the most.  They are in order from the least number of Soundcloud streams to the most.  And yes, one may have blatantly came out in Dec 2013, but too late to make last...

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The Griswolds – Down and Out

We went on a little TMD outing last month in Brooklyn to catch the The Griswolds, and i'm here to report that the young Aussies are the absolute fire.  It's one of those shows where every song feels like a single, and for good reason...

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The Griswolds – Beware The Dog

We've been high on The Griswolds for a while now. So we were VERY excited when we learned that this tune that we have heard a couple times during their impeccable live set was finally coming out. And here we are. Their timing couldn't be...

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