teenage wrist

Teenage Wrist: a band, not a medical condition

There isn’t much to know about the 90’s nodding, Goo alluding, Yuck guitaring, semi-shoegazing trio Teenage Wrist (that’s basically ALL of the things to describe them:-/). A collaborative side project of some dudes from Colorado who full-time other bands, Teenage Wrist formed up in 2015 and are really just getting their feet wet with one EP. The thing I really wanna know is where their name came from. It just sounds ominous to me… especially given their brooding sound. And since there’s exactly ONE interview available online, I will take the opportunity to “interview” them in my mind:

“So, since this is side project, are you guys ever gonna spend any real time doing this? Or is it just random fun that fans shouldn’t really get excited about?” – “ya.. idk man. we’re just a couple a guys who really like Sbarro, i guess.

“Cool cool. Me too. Highway rest stops are dope. So your name is pretty heavy, unless is supposed to be ironic, which wouldn’t make much sense. What’s up with that?” – “sometimes you just get inspired to be something more than just what you are. you want to embody the essence of a time long gone. a time that maybe never was or will be.

“Ya umm, for sure, for sure. I guess I can see that. So like, what’s that mean to you?” – “if you could just BE apart, and fill the void between the past and present, wouldn’t you?


Feli Says guitar action at 1:40 is on point.

Felipe Macia
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