The Fratellis – Baby Don’t You Lie To Me

Easy way to win a playa’ over is with a dope band name, having sweet catchy tunes, and bringing me home made cookies (no almonds or coconut shavings! Gross). Here, Scotland’s very own, The Fratellis, succeed in spades (which interestingly is a US expression from the early 20th century deriving from the card game Bridge, quite popular at the time – now known as “the old folks game that Nana keeps trying to teach me when I visit her at Shady Acres Retirement Home in Boca but bc of her Alzheimer’s never remembers that I hate cards and have a phobia of bridges”). Not only is “The Fratellis” such a badass name (check) (other notable Goonies-inspired band names include French pop-punkers and personal faves “Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!” (C!NCC!)) but the song is catchy as can be (check #2) and I live in NYC, so I can get whatever I want delivered whenever I want. Consider this playa’ won.

What would you Say if Feli Said he’s lost his mind #wwfs

Felipe Macia
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