The Midnight Faces of Sergio Flores

Slide in to your Monday with these appropriately easy to listen to tracks with enough sexy sax to boost your spirits (granted, they could always use a little more sax, but I’ll take it. Did I listen to “Careless Whisper” on repeat afterwards? Maybe I did, so what? That’s the sexiest sax. Did I google funny Sergio Flores Sexy Sax Man videos after that? Signs point to probably). Midnight Faces is a Los Angeles-based synthpop+rock band by way of Grand Rapids with a new album out last fall called “Heavenly Bodies.” The album seems to be Monday morning appropriate: not too intense, got its ups and downs, easy tempos to settle you down after a raucous and sardine can-like subway ride to work. Is it an album you’re gonna crave to listen to when you get home, no, most likely not. Not me at least. But would I put it on shuffle in the background while idly working, doodling, or cooking? Ya, I would / I currently am. Would you put it on while nighttime driving, preferably with the windows down? Most certainly, it’s a very LA album.
Well, Feli Says he’s back, with hopefully less hiatuses to come. Here’s two sexy sax tracks off of Midnight Faces’ “Heavenly Bodies”, and an extra dose of “Careless Whisper” for good measure.

Felipe Macia
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