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The Old Boys Club would hate Sorority Noise

Given the antics we are barraged with on TV and Facebook, it seems I can’t have any sort of discussion nowadays without it getting politicized. So when I was mulling over sending out this email about the new Sorority Noise album (which is hella tight!), the first thing I asked myself was, “Who’d hate sorority noise?” I didn’t necessarily mean the band Sorority Noise – although they’d hate them too – but like, those words and their word associations, like, sororities, women, noise, and fun? Well, the first thing that came to mind was old white conservative GOP-dudes in Congress who seem to hate women and want to control every aspect of them and their bodies, that’s who. Those dudes definitely don’t like good tunes, women OR noise – I mean, they went after NWA in the 90’s and Eminem in the 00’s – so it’s safe to assume they wouldn’t like the combo of women on their own, in their own house, not needing men around, and making “noise.” That would be, I presume, terribly vexing to them. “Just how could them gals be havin’ fun without us or our permission!? That just ain’t natural I tell ya!”

Anyways, this new Sorority Noise album is killer, even though there are no female members in the band (wait what? but then why all the talk about women? that’s just misleading Feli) (womp, womp). The Hartford, CT foursome got started in 2013, put out some lo-fi-ish indie/emo tunes that were pretty great. Then they buckled down, and put together this excellent 2017 release “You’re Not As ____ As You Think.” It’s fast, dark, and broody, and rips through quickly enough you don’t get bogged down by all their “feelings.” It came out last Friday, and ever since Joe Ciolli  made me listen, it’s been at the top of the list, even above WSTR right now… I know, I can’t believe it either. Here are the first two tracks, hoping it tickles your fancy (“tickling fancy” sounds like something our esteemed POTUS has admitted experience in – especially given that fancy was a euphemism for fanny in old British English, a vulgar expression for female genitals.)

FeliSays Sorority’s Noise is the best Noise

Felipe Macia
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