The Shadowboxers – Ride Home

Not a new band or anything, but these ATLiens (although they have since moved to Nashville) – The Shadowboxers – provide light, dancy, fun, and bouncy soul-funk tunes for your summer playlists. So there’s a win I just tossed ya right out the bat. These boys went to Emory, the school only people from Emory like to call the Harvard of the South… and have been blending their love for D’Angelo ever since. Regardless, these Allen Stone wannabes (which is high praise btw) are mixin’ soul, pop, indie rock, and some R&B tossed in for good measure and it’s quite nice if I must say so myself (which I am, bc I’m literally typing it right now).

Even though we had a haitus, we’re still wondering what Feli would Say #wwfs

Felipe Macia
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