Throwing SHAED

SHAED is a DC based electronic trio comprised of lead singer Chelsea Lee and twin brothers Max and Spencer Ernst. Formerly known as The Walking Sticks, SHAED has amped up the synths this time around, which serve as the perfect backdrop to showcase Lee’s strong and sultry vocals. With a new name also comes a new, elevated sound. The trio has traded in a more indie-pop aesthetic for one that runs a synthy + R&B course. Don’t be surprised if one of their songs gets a club remix, and then ends up in heavy rotation on your favorite spin instructor’s dance/club/R&B¬†playlist.

The band has three singles currently on SoundCloud; “Just Wanna See,” “The News,” and “Thunder,” the latter of which is a song in support of Bernie Sanders.

You can catch SHAED at School Night in Brooklyn on June 20th and at Warby Parker Sound Sessions in DC on August 4th.


Ashley Oberdorff
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