Tigertown – Papernote

If we all try really hard, maybe we can just will summer’s arrival… cuz these cold cloudy April showers thing isn’t cutting it for me. At least today is crazy nice in NYC. Helping usher it in, Aussie band, Tigertown, whom the synth-pop gods doth shined the fire of a thousand suns upon, especially with their new single. They just toured with Magic Man (I’ve been mentioning them a lot lately, haven’t I? Did I mention that I also really really like them? No..? Ok I will later). Tigertown was selected a couple years back by Village Records, a NYU student-run label that chooses one band to help promote and break into the music industry. Pretty cool right? I can’t remember my school offering anything like that… :-/ All I got is a¬†stinkin’ blog.

I think I heard someone listen… Feli Says Listen

Felipe Macia
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