Tim’s Autobiographical Tracks of 2014

Two thousand and fourteen – quite possibly the most interesting year of my life. So many firsts, so many moments I never thought I’d experience. So many highs and some lows too, if we’re being honest. It was like a mad dash without ever stopping for air. And then… it all stopped. With a final bang, one last blow out and it was time for the curtains. I dropped the mic and hit the road. Packing up my life and putting it in a storage closet in Queens. I bought an open ended ticket and left the country. I sit here in Barbados as I write this. When I look up from this screen I see cresting waves, sunshine and windsurfing for days. A nice change of scenery from the grit of New York City.

So let’s recap: In 2014 I DJ’d four music festivals, produced a music festival, went on tour, made some amazing friends and played to crowds I never thought in a million years I’d see. Those are some personal accomplishments I’m quite proud of. I quit my day job, travelled Central America, worked on a farm and have spent the past month surfing. It’s been a year of firsts.

These songs are not necessarily the best tracks of 2014. In fact the opening track is not even produced in 2014. But that’s when I discovered it and it was so powerful I couldn’t not include it. They are all a reflection of how I feel in THIS very moment. And at this very moment I’m looking back on a year that I will never forget. These tracks, for whatever reason, are the ones that set the scene. I hope you enjoy.

This playlist, like this year is a cresting wave. Starting off slow and sensual building towards a peak and then dissolving into the white water and lapping up onto the sand. Cause that’s how my year went.

Tim Mullowney
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