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Toro Y Moi: Empty Nesters

For some reason, when Chaz Bundick was just a one-man show, he wanted to confuse us all by naming his band in the plural – Toro y Moi – as well as in two different languages and he ranks in at number two for coolest non-Dizzie Gillespie musicians to come out of South Carolina, obvi behind Hootie. TyM is linked with the rise of the chillwave movement, but keeps changing his sound with every album – a la Brand New (maybe not quite so drastic, but still). Mr. Bundick went to USC for graphic design, is supposed to be dope live, has a dance music side project band called Les Sins, and doesn’t he kinda remind you of Donald Glover..? That’s all I got.

If you enjoy this, you may enjoy this – – but whatevs, I don’t care.

Felipe Macia
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