Tundra, Glow, Commotion

Tundra – Glow + Bonus Track

A few days ago a band from Brisbane started following me on soundcloud and my interest was piqued. This seems to be a fortuitous turn of events as this quartet makes some awesome music! While investigating, the first song I came across was Glow. It’s sun drenched, surf pop stylings are everything I picture in my head when thinking about Australia. I love the catchy guitar riffs, energetic vocals and toe tapping beat.

Another one of Tundra‘s songs happen to catch my attention and I thought it deserved a shout out too. This one is called Commotion and was their first single. The song slows down from Glow’s more upbeat pace and meanders a little more getting you to where it’s going. Commotion’s sound is much smoother and more laid back than the title would imply, and that’s just fine with me. These two songs are a must listen! If these are some of the first few offerings from Tundra, I can’t wait to see what comes next.



Jason Scott
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