Vallis Alps EP

My enthusiasm for musical discovery has been lacking over the past couple months. Work, school and my other vices may have clouded my mind for a time, but no longer! Introducing Vallis Alps, a really sweet name, a lunar mountain range, and also the Aussie – Seattle pop duo that shook my emotions and inspired me with their impressive four track EP. The duo spews out sound similar to that of Made in Heights and Chet Faker, although I hate to categorize.

The lyrics within each track flow impeccably with dream-pop synths and dozy bass lines, making for fifteen minutes of sound that simply put, feels great. The first track is for me the most memorable. It crosses multiple genres and boasts powerful lyrics that inflict a reflective mood. The story concludes with a melancholy feeling – “And we said this has only just begun / in the end time forever favors the young.” But this is just my take on one track. The remaining three are each markedly different and equally impressive in their own way. Check out the entire EP below and be on the lookout for more Vallis Alps sounds in the future.

Alex Osgood
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