Vance Joy – Riptide (FlicFlac Remix)

So I dusted off my iPod yesterday, reformatted it for my mac and did what any respectable indie music fan would…stack it up with Jazz House mixtapes that I downloaded from soundcloud. Off I went on a run, minding my own business until bam….this Vance Joy remix smacked me right in the face. What does all this mean to you? First, you need to stop resisting the Jazz House movement. Start by downloading this mixtape and dedicating the next 75 minutes of your life to listening to it all the way through.  Second, get on the Vance Joy train if you’re not already.  The Australian singer songwriter reminds somewhat of Gotye meets Talking Heads.  I’m in the process of inquiring about his plans for coming over for SXSW this year.  Which reminds me, lookout for a sizable announcement about our SX showcase.  It’s shaping up to be incredible.

The original

The aforementioned Jazz House mixtape (required listening)

Max Bernstein

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