Victoria Reed – Make It Easy [Chariot]

Up and coming singer-songwriter Victoria Reed has been a best friend of mine since forever, and her star power has been impossible to ignore as long as I’ve known her… back to when she was the highlight act at our 4th grade camp talent shows to stealing the spotlight when we preformed choreographed dance routines at our middle school crush’s birthday party.

Since our elementary days, Brooklyn-based Victoria has been busy creating a beautiful name for herself coast to coast. Hot off the road supporting Citizen Cope, Victoria has captivated audiences with her immaculate storytelling on the stages of 9:30 Club to The Fillmore, San Francisco. Her show is not just about the audible — the way her polished, angelic voice bounces off her strums on the guitar — but about the stories behind what pushed her to put pen to paper.

Victoria was born with music in her blood and Detroit in her heart. Daughter of Alto Reed, the saxophonist of Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band, she grew up with a sharp understanding of the entertainment industry and an inherent lullaby to sing. About a year and a half ago, V moved out to Brooklyn to make a career of her gift. In early 2015, she will be debuting her 11 track record Chariot, mixed by Grammy Award winning producer and engineer Jim Scott (Tom Petty, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Natalie Merchant). Until then, she has shared teasers on her Soundcloud page to make the wait a bit more tolerable for her fans. If you twisted my arm and forced me to pick a favorite of the three, it would be “Make It Easy.” Victoria is a beautiful writer, and she inspires me with her words sometimes more than she does with her sound… which is impressive, to say the least.

Darkness, yes, sometimes I love when you pull me down
Just so I can then figure out how
I have better things to do.
And fire, I used to be like yeah give me more
But baby I got burned before
And boy did I learn better than to.

Currently touring in Paris and Barcelona, Victoria will finally be home in NYC January 2015. Make sure you come out to watch a true performer. Oh, and PS: that’s a picture of V up top. She’s sexy, huh?

Alison Parke
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