[VIDEO] ASTR – Activate Me


If you’re immersed within the world of electro-pop music, it’s likely that ASTR is a household name. As long time fans of the NYC-based duo, which is comprised of female vocalist Zoe Silverman and producer Adam Pallin, we are thrilled to share the video for their latest single “Activate Me.” 

With a knack for mixing genres, ASTR’s sound falls on a unique spectrum of pop-inspired R&B with a taste of electronic, indie alternative. “Activate Me” is a dark dance track inspired by 90s house music. ASTR explains:

“‘Activate Me’ is definitely a different sound for us, something heavily inspired by New York’s legacy when it was the center of house music in the 90s. It’s moody and dark like some of our older songs but with a more upbeat and dance twist.”

Steering away from shimmery pop, “Activate Me” is filled with ASTR’s signature bright synths and bouncy beats, creating an immediate dance club anthem.

So turn up the volume, dance away with Zoe and her killer dance moves, and be on the lookout for their sophomore EP, Homecoming.

Chelsea Dankner
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