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From the icy depths of Burlington, Vermont sprung a duo inexorably dedicated to their sound; a sound that bursts with energy and pumps rhythm into the atmosphere. Fans will be glad to know Argonaut&Wasp will be relocating to the Big Apple and grace New Yorkers with beats at regular intervals. I had the pleasure of seeing Argonaut&Wasp perform at their first SXSW this year at The Most Definitely’s The Yard, a day of crystal blue skies and savory aromas brought us tunes that continue to grow with passion and commitment. Speaking of crystals, I sought out the talent to conduct an interview to feature their new and fabulously different music video which debuted this past Wednesday. The talented Abi Laurel created a fresh animation to showcase one of Argonaut&Wasp‘s favorite tunes and I figured, who better to tell us about the song than the artists themselves?

Tell us about the process of writing and creating Crystal Stills, what inspired you? How did you build upon each other’s strengths to produce this song? 

The process was very natural, and similar to how most of the songs on the ‘Future Protocol’ EP were written. I walked into the studio to hear a beat Theo began, there was a steady drum groove and piano undertone. I sat in for a while listening and eventually started singing the main melody for the verses. From there, we built the infrastructure for the whole piece and shortly after roped in the full band to track their instruments.

The lyrics indicate a potential heart break, do the healing powers of crystals play a role in the poetic license? 

You could say so, I believe that was the creative interpretation our animator derived from the lyrics. We gave her a lot of space in regards to the visuals save for the very apparent hand our manager, Mr. Michael Delle Donne, played. Both Abi and Mike bounced several ideas off each other throughout the story-boarding process.

Is there anything else in particular you want me to highlight?

We have a Residency in July at the famous Pianos, in NYC. We will be playing every Thursday of the month. We could not be more excited about it, as we are also officially moving into the area! Trey Schibli and Theo Klein

Gaby Deambrosio
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