Wet, You're the Best

Wet – You’re the Best

I don’t live in New York anymore and it makes me a little sad sometimes. I have to stop myself from saying ‘The City’ when people ask me where I’m from and it definitely hits home when I discover another homegrown band that I didn’t get to see perform when I lived there. Wet is a trio from Brooklyn, beyond that there isn’t much information about them available. I like to think they’re some sort of pirate club, drinking tons of beer and saying “aaaarrrrggg” to people, but hey, that’s just me.

What I do know about them is they make some great music. The vocals on You’re the Best are what grabbed me first. They’re layered and modified and remind me a little of  LoveLife’s, Your New Beloved. The guitar and drum parts may seem simple at first but they are exactly what they need to be to elegantly complement the singing. I really enjoy the lyrics too “Baby you’re the best, we’ll figure out the rest.” See, they do what they want, they’re totally pirates. They’re just soulful pirates. I love it.



Jason Scott
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