saint raymond

Whatchu know bout Saint Raymond?

If can you recall my affinity for Notti-teens (no! not a porn genre on RedTube [jeez!], but the “dubious subsect of British youths known for their awkward white kid version of “daggering”?, Saint Raymond and Ady Suleiman?), well Saint Raymond finally came out with first full length album (and boy is it lengthy…. 17 tracks?? Who does this guy think he is??, a 90’s rapper like Juvenile or Three Six Mafia?). Getting through the whole thing takes forever but he’s got a real smooth sound. Maybe Major Lazer can do some stupid 30-second mega cut of the album so people can listen to all the songs in one sitting, then retire from music, throwaway his stupid mixing keyboard, get a vasectomy, move to Oregon with the crazy wildlife people, and never play a music festival again. Major Lazer’s the worst.

Everyone knows down deep that Major Lazer is the worst. At least that’s what Feli Says :-/

Felipe Macia
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