Wild Beasts, A Simple Beautiful Truth, East India Youth, Remix

Wild Beasts – A Simple Beautiful Truth (East India Youth Remix)

According to Wikipedia “Wild Beasts are an indie rock band from Kendall, England.” How succinct, lovely.

East India Youth is the project of William Doyle who is a “London based sound gardener/sound architect.”

Together they have created something wonderful. The remix of A Simple Beautiful Truth is haunting, strange and delicious. It reminds me a little of when I first heard a couple of Gotye tracks several years ago. The effect was something I recognized but achieved in a very different way than most other things that have the same effect. It’s definitely a unique combination of sounds but they flow together so well it’s impossible not to wonder why there aren’t a ton of other people doing the same thing.

A wise man once told me, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth and in this case I fully intend to enjoy what we’ve been given.



Jason Scott
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