Wild Nothing – To Know You

To say I’ve been eagerly anticipating new Wild Nothing is an understatement. I still believe Nocturne is still one of the best albums of the last few years and Empty Estate was a great EP. That being said, it’s been a long wait… 3 years to be exact. This past week though, Wild Nothing made an epic return with a double release of “To Know You” and “TV Queen” off the upcoming Life of Pause. Of the two, “To Know You” takes the cake for me. The song has a driving, almost post-punk feel to it, but still remains the Wild Nothing feel. Jack Tatum (a.k.a Wild Nothing) has said, “I view every record as an opportunity to write better songs. At the end of the day it still sounds like me, just new.” So, it seems Tatum has hit the mark in glorious fashion.

Jay Shemenski
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