Yelle – Ce Jeu (Fisk Remix) Special TBT Post

Today is awesome. I’m amazed by the response we’ve received about the new site. This whole thing started two and a half years ago when I decided it was time to start something amazing. I cannot believe where things have gone from there. Never in my wildest dreams would I think that this is where we’d be. I think it’s fitting that I take the first track I ever posted for an extra special Throwback Thursday. Here’s the original text from May 12, 2010:

literally the first time i heard this track my face melted. im serious. melted right off. once i put it back on, i listened to the song again and again: face melt. right off again. so, i’m presented with a situation… do i continue to listen to the song and keep getting my face melted? yep. sure do. i dare you to put this on at a party/club/lounge/the office and not start a dance party. not possible. not now, not nevah. no way.
PS. yes i know it’s in french. i think i like even more because of it. facemelt

Tim Mullowney
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