Kamau – Gaims

This beaute's been on repeat since finding in on Viral 50 a few weeks back. Brooklyn based Kamau seems to be unsigned and unpublished, but I would suspect not for long. This track is a ridiculously good time. Check out more here: http://www.brotherkamau.com/purpose/ ...

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Get Lost in the Pinegrove

Some folks are labeling the Montclair, NJ (mostly) 8-piece band, Pinegrove, as alt-country. I don't think that's terribly fair, but then again, labeling things is hard to do well. We as Americans love to label (#LTL). It's one of our favorite past times. Dr. Remen...

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French Horn Rebellion – The Right Time

French Horn Rebellion have come out this week with some serious fire in their new jam ’The Right Time.' This song has got the moves, it’s got the passion, and asks the question, (the important one) “is it ever really the right time to...

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labor day

Long Weekends for Winners

It was Friday before a long weekend, and like most of you, I'm wasn't actually working. My computer monitor might not even have be on, I wouldn't know. People walk by your cube, you furiously hit ALT+TAB!! ALT+TAB!! (Where's that fake excel sheet!? pick up the phone...

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Makeshift Shelters: only if you enjoy living

If my time with Bear Grills has taught me anything, it's that you can create Makeshift Shelters out of anything. You can hollow out a tree trunk (if you've got the time and the tools), you can weave those long stringy leaves together like a...

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leikeli47 v2

Leikali47 – AIM screename?

A Bed-stuy Brooklyn native, Leikali47 is an anonymous rapper, currently in favor with Mr. Jay Z himself (he put one of her tracks on his summer playlist). Leikali47 (pronounce Leh-kay-lee) wears a ski mask (following the trend that 21 Pilots and Masked Intruder paved) and...

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surf dads

Grow up and Be Surf Dads

Regina, Saskatchewan [SK is one of the giant provinces - in Canada - just north of Montana and North Dakota, in between Alberta (where Calgary is) and Manitoba (where Winnipeg is, like the Winnipeg Jets)] is the home town of dynamic duo Surf Dads, who...

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Josiah & The Bonnevilles – Cold Blood

This is one of most well-written songs I've heard in years. Maybe since Head and The Heart self-titled debut in 2010. Tennessee natives Josiah & The Bonnevilles are now out with a debut of their own, the Cold Blood EP via Vagrant Records.  My favorite quote from...

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