Sometimes Heavy Turnover Isn’t A Bad Thing

Virginia Beach rockers turned quasi-indie-shoegazers, Turnover, put out a super chill and well done album last year: Peripheral Vision. Maybe I was just tired and stressed and needed something easy while cooking the other night, but it was exactly what I needed (been on repeat since). Their...

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boston manor

Boston Manor: (London) Underground no Longer

Confusingly not from Boston but Blackpool, Boston Manor are also not named after the London tube station in Ealing, but just a working song title they stole from a friend's band (not as cool). This quintet is another welcome addition to the sweet UK rock...

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New Portals

New Portals

Like any normal person addicted to social media, the first thing I do every morning (besides hitting snooze a few too many times) is check my email and all of my social media apps. Imagine my delight when I opened Instagram this past Saturday morning...

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Cheerleader: a Philly Five Way SFW

Philly is a pretty cool town, and despite the naysayers, some real strong stuff comes outta the City of Brotherly Love (I didn't know Philadelphia literally meant that :-/, I thought they called it that cuz ppl high-fived a lot, or they had a sweet...

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Violet Sands – No Matter What

Man!  I love supergroups!  Deidre Muro (Deidre & the Dark, previously Savoir Adore), David Perlick-Molinari (French Horn Rebellion) and Derek Muro (Mighty Five, Love Like Deloreans) have teamed up to make an all-star project that’s fresh as a daisy in the spring.  Violet Sands combines some...

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Elway will NOT play the Super Bowl

As a way to honor their Colorado roots, the humble foursome named their band "Elway" - a word so commonly used in the everyday vernacular of the Rockies. So you can imagine their shock, when the band that [at the time] "routinely plays in front...

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Miami Horror – Cellophane (Loframes Remix)

After a busy 2015 anglo-french duo Loframes start this new year with an upfiling remix of Miami Horror 's "Cellophane" with vocal from Aaron Miller "BASECAMP" and their recognizable buzzy bassline touch never disappoint. Franck and James provided a polished and sophisticated production carried by reverse beams and...

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bag raiders 2

Bag Raiders stole my joke…

Let's say I had a buddy named Lorenz. We'd call him L, since he has a "Z" in his name and that's silly. If you'd ever meet L, you may not learn that he loves to dance, but he does. This sexy German fellow would...

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Joywave – Destruction (Video)

If you follow Joywave on any social media you'll know that frontman Daniel Armbruster quite the jokester, which is why we aren't surprised that their latest video for live favorite "Destruction" tells a story packed with humor. Directed by Phil Andelmon - who's done videos for...

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dvsn – Hallucinations

We've seen this story before: a mysterious Canadian R&B artist appears out of the blue and starts dropping professional-level tracks setting the indie music blogosphere into buzz building mode (looking at you, Weeknd circa 2011). So, although what dvsn — or the marketing team behind...

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