As is the case with many folks, my 9-5 consists of sitting at a desk typing away on a computer day after day. Most of the time the only thing that helps me get through a long day is listening to music. I'm sure most of you can...

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Little Brother has feelings too

In honor of whichever makes you more upset, the RNC or the Cavs winning the championship - tough call there - (hey, at least the NBA doesn't call themselves "world" champions, like the NFL or MLB, who for some reason, don't include the rest of...

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goldroom final

Go for Gold(room)

Midweek blues got you jonesin' for that poolside fiesta you went to on Sunday? The one with sweet jams, cool breezes, cold drinks and hard bodies? I feel you. Except I don't have a pool. Soho House won't return my emails. And the hotel pool across...

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i feel love

I FEEL LOVE – Sleep No More meets Studio 54

Imagine Sleep No More meets Studio 54, that’s the concept behind the most debauch night from the 70's, reimagined in 2016. I FEEL LOVE will come to life in Brooklyn, NY on September 9 and 10 at an abandoned factory featuring performances by Armand Van...

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aussie beach

Aussies know how to Beach

If today were an album, I'd name it I'm Sweaty and the Subway's an Inferno. Kinda like DMX's It's Dark and Hell is Hot (remember that gem?). Well today is same same but different. Here are some tunes from a couple Aussies in honor of going to...

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trash boat final.jpg

Can Trash Boat be the Junk Boat of UK Punk?

Just another killer band in the burgeoning UK punk scene? I think not! A Trash Boat, not to be confused (yet) with junk boats (above), which can be found cruising through Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, is a group of 5 young squires from Saint...

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Majestique – Science Of The Heart

Serving up some serious class over on Dirty Soul Recordings right now is two-piece Majestique, who hail from Holland. They have compiled the brilliant "Science Of The Heart" EP, an awesome set of four tracks that have been inspired by the analogue-heavy themes of 80's...

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CADE, Florida Man, strikes again

Back in April we visited some Florida Man highlights when we checked out Chris Farren, like the Florida Man who said the cocaine in his buttocks wasn't his. Well don't worry, Florida Man continued his shenanigan-filled tomfoolery in honor of CADE and his new catchy track...

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Tom Swoon

Tom Swoon – Phoenix (We Rise)

Appearing majestically out of Ultra Music this week comes "Phoenix" (We Rise), the fresh collaborative single from Polish producer and DJ Tom Swoon, who has worked with the renowned bass artist DANK and UK vocalist Belle Humble for the release. "Phoenix" is a moving, sweeping piece...

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