space final

Tiger Love – Space in Space

NYC sibling duo Roy and Gigi Ben Artzi, Tiger Love released cult classics "Pu$#y Cocaine" along with "Summer Rain" in 2012. Now with over 900,000 views under their belt, the group moved to a Villa in Florence to work on their debut album.  They acquired...

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country swag 2

Season Summer Liberally with Country

The cold and the clouds are all gone in the Northeast. Now we can prepare for summer by queueing up some happy country tunes. I've done you a solid and updated my Country SWAG playlist on Spotify (click there to get it) with the newest and summeriest...

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The Yard 2016 – Recap Video

Things got political at The Yard this year. Thanks to everyone who came out and got super weird. Relive it all in our 90 second recap video below! And if you want to see some raw, uncut B-roll from the final song of the final performance...

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teenage wrist

Teenage Wrist: a band, not a medical condition

There isn't much to know about the 90's nodding, Goo alluding, Yuck guitaring, semi-shoegazing trio Teenage Wrist (that's basically ALL of the things to describe them:-/). A collaborative side project of some dudes from Colorado who full-time other bands, Teenage Wrist formed up in 2015...

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Sturgill Simpson: straight not outta Springfield

I am sucker for sweet album art (an under-appreciated art form!), and Sturgill Simpson brings the fire with his fabulous new album (similar to C!NCC!'s Something for Nothing, except way better), and my Album of the Week and Month, A Sailor's Guide To Earth. If you don't know,...

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Mew: insert kitschy headline

Copenhagen, the land of ales and fairy tales. As Hans Christian Andersen, famous Danish author once wrote: "where words fail, music speaks." How appropriate for a music email. Thank you Hans. Luckily for me that was the first thing that popped up when I Googled...

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temper trap

Seems we lost our Temper Trap

The Aussies guilty of making everyone addicted to "Sweet Disposition" (currently sitting at > 100mm Spotify listens) are back with a new album in June. Their first single from it is this song, and it's kinda good I think (what do you think?). Their first...

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Moonboy Inc

Moonboy Inc. – Postcards From The Moon

Now that the festival season officially kicked off with Coachella, and the fact that it's somehow 70ºF in New York, it's really starting to feel like summer. And what better way to bring in summer than a tropical new tune? Moonboy Inc.'s newest song "Postcards From The...

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