Story of the Running Wolf – Electric

Did you know that SOTRW only deals in self-produced masterpieces?  I did.  If you're not aware of the LA duo's electro-prowess, then get up to speed here.   Their latest release, Electric, is a beautifully familiar cross-genre mix, like having Brandon Flowers singing lead for the Toto revival.   If you've got a...

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Kopps – My Gold

With their third installment on "The Sound of Music" EP (due out Sep 25), Kopps continues to push the boundaries in all the right directions.  Funky guitar licks and infectious hi-hat meet industrial choruses and provocative vocal samples in My Gold. Bravo! Produced by Joywave, the collaboration is...

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Count Counsellor

Oh yes. On the verge of elevating to stardom, Count Counsellor sends a shock of soul through my bloodstream. I'm reminded of a fifteen-year-old version of myself sneakily peering through a wire fence as a newborn Passion Pit performs in some nondescript daytime location. Counsellor has inspired...

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TOWER – Teenage Miracle

One of the best feelings in the world is when you find a band right when they release their first single, and it's stellar, and gets you all excited about a potential new favorite act. That's what happened less than two weeks ago with me...

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Sigala – Easy Love

Some London bloke named Sigala (real name Bruce Fielder) made this song remixing Jackson 5's "ABC" in to a real happy catchy tune. The currently solo artiste is releasing in the UK in September with the Ministry of Sound, which everyone knows is the best...

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Peter Lyons – Envy

'Envy' is the second track from London-based artist Peter Lyons, offering contrast to his debut, 'Leave Me.' The new track opens with densely layered and scattered beats that can be jarring at first. However, these beats come together delicately -- and through the addition of menacing orchestral strings...

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Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder, an impressive South-east London-based duo, has risen to their challenge of releasing a new single each month for the last year. As a culmination of these tracks, they are gearing up to release their debut album on September 4th. The tender vocals and humming...

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junior prom

Junior Prom – Let’s Make A Lot Of Money

Junior Prom, a magical time when (acne) blossoming youngsters experience their first taste of real world dating: asking equally nervous and insecure jerkholes to maybe? go to prom with them, while everyone balances their potential better offers and invites to come...

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