Lewis Del Mar – Wave(s)

There was a lot of hype going into their debut performance at Mercury Lounge a few weeks ago, but i'm here to tell you Lewis Del Mar is the real thing.  In fact, the live set was better than the recordings.  The five piece carries that surf...

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Lewis Del Mar – Memories

The mysteriously prophetic Rockaway Beach based duo strikes again.  The facts on Lewis Del Mar remain largely ambiguous even after having maxed out their stay on top of the Hype Machine main chart last month with Loud(y).  Now Memories, LDM's sophomore single, has repeat performance written all over it.  The...

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Lewis Del Mar – Loud(y)

What do you do when the the bullshit gets too thick? When the opinions and complaints reach such toxic levels that you want to spike your iPhone? NYC's freshest experimental pop unit, Lewis Del Mar, have it figured out: disguise your own protest as the sexiest...

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