Molly’s Top Tracks of 2013

Aw man. 2013 was so crazy for me! I have never in my life paid so much attention to new music, and this was an awesome year to start. So many good, fresh tracks came out that I had to start making myself weekly Spotify...

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Thanksgiving Mix

During the holidays there are lots of people around, lots of cooking, lots of interrogating inquiring questions about your life and a few over-served uncles. For me, it always seems to be easier when you have some nice soothing music in the background. Maybe your...

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Lovelife – Stateless

Indulge me while I play a little catch-up from my weekend getaway turned 10 day beach vacation. While I was gone, one of our favorite Brooklyn bands went full Hollywood on us! LVLF was literally Stateless at the time this single dropped. Thats right, they...

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TMD’s August Mixtape

There's just too much good music going on right now. I'm all kinds of jacked up about this month's mixtape. If you were worried about me dropping a surprise mixtape last week, fear not. This one might just be better. Last week I was reallly...

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Natalia Kills – Saturday Night (Lovelife Remix)

Are you serious?  This is one of the most unique remixes i've ever heard.  Anyone else catch the influence of a certain Pittsburgh rap artist that will remain nameless?  No, not Mac Miller.  You know who i'm talkin 'bout.  Excellent work fellas.  Remix game is...

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Lovelife - LVLF

Lovelife – Invisible

We’ve been digging these guys ever since we saw them open up for Ghost Beach at Cameo Gallery a couple months back. This might be my favorite track they’ve released. So smooth and sexy. I love it. ...

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Lovelife – I’m No More

There’s something eerily familiar about this sound. An 80’s R&B influence going on, a little Timberlake perhaps. Drums - check, guitar - check, APC - check…but dueling falsettos? Now you’re just showing off. Well done fellas. ...

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