Wise Blood – Alarm

While I can't say I am a fan of Wise Blood or arson, I can say I am seriously addicted to this song. I found Alarm while scanning the blogosphere trying to fill out a playlist for the week and was immediately captivated by the song's...

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PAPA – If You’re My Girl, Then I’m Your Man

This morning while waiting for the T, I wasn't only pleasantly surprised by the nice weather and an on-time train, but a brand-new release from LA-based group PAPA. PAPA's debut EP A Good Woman is Hard to Find from 2011 put these guys on my radar...

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Postiljonen – On The Run

****NEW CONTRIBUTOR ALERT**** A close friend and I were having a talk yesterday about sub-genres of music, coming to the conclusion that if we could only listen to one sub-genre for the rest of our living days it'd be Scandinavian dream-pop/electro-pop. Seriously, what is in the...

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