Mating Ritual – I Wear Glasses

Mating Ritual just saved summer.  The Pacific Air offshoot dropped their latest single, affectionately known as Glasses, last week to a warm reception from their starving fans (myself included).  When asked about the track, front man Ryan Lawton declares: “'I Wear Glasses' is the lubricated vision of a could-be hookup...

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Mating Ritual – Hum Hum

LA based Mating Ritual dropped another massive single earlier this month titled Hum Hum.  The Pacific Air side project has been tearing up the the blogeratti for the last six months and are well on their way to a posting a huge 2015.   For new tracks and live...

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Pacific Air – Move

Pacific Air is just tremedous. Im pumped for their Governor's Ball set next Fri. Float might be the most infectious song ever. And Move is not far behind. Wow! Their debut album, Stop Talking, drops June 11th. Gonna be fun. ...

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Magic Man – Paris (Pacific Air Remix)

Magic Man took over our world last month when we finally hopped on the train ahead of their popshop supporting gig with Ghost Beach. We immediately fell in love with their poppy, happy go lucky hit single, 'Paris'. It had all the makings of a...

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St Lucia New York

St. Lucia – All Eyes On You (Pacific Air Remix)

Every time I turn around, I feel like the world is getting smaller. Everbody’s remixing everybody else and it’s like this gigantic cross pollenation of awesomeness. Here we have St Lucia getting the remix treatment from Pacific Air; who has been putting out a ton...

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