Theophilus London – Can’t Stop feat. Kanye West

We've been long time fans of Trinidadian-born Theophilus London and this standout track reminds us why.  "Can't Stop" is the first single from London's upcoming album, Vibes!, and we're not disappointed. This laid back track begins with London's soothing and entrancing voice and continues with a...

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TMD’s August Mixtape

There's just too much good music going on right now. I'm all kinds of jacked up about this month's mixtape. If you were worried about me dropping a surprise mixtape last week, fear not. This one might just be better. Last week I was reallly...

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VIBES – Sweet Talk

Why has no one named their band "Vibes" before now? That seems like a huge oversight, but it's entirely appropriate for this Santa Monica trio. Here's the lowdown on Sweet Talk: it's a glittery, poolside soon-to-be-classic, and I expect to hear it blasting from the...

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