Best of 2013, Jason's Essential Mix

Jason’s Year in Review – 2013

Like the eighth night of Hanukkah or bedtime on Christmas eve, the end of our 2013 year in review lists has come too soon. Each one of us has enjoyed sharing some of our favorite songs with you this year. There were so many great...

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Thanksgiving Mix

During the holidays there are lots of people around, lots of cooking, lots of interrogating inquiring questions about your life and a few over-served uncles. For me, it always seems to be easier when you have some nice soothing music in the background. Maybe your...

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Mavericks, Young Lungs, Work Drugs, Yacht Music

Work Drugs – Young Lungs

Young Lungs was released a while back but the full album by Work Drugs just came pretty recently. This duo from the banks of the Delaware River in Pennsylvania have really put together something special for us. They describe their music to be specifically "...

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