Ben Macklin – Can We Talk (Fishing Vest Remix)

Fishing Vest for the win! How do I even get going right now on this song? It’s pretty much the embodiment of every emotion I’m feeling right now. We’re having a pretty great run lately, and this music perfectly captures that essence. This gem came out today and if there’s one thing the world needs right now it’s more tunes from Fishing Vest. The LA-based w√ľnderkind has been putting out SOLID remixes and this is no different. Here he takes Ben Macklin’s original tune for a spin and the results are stunning. I like music when it takes me to another place. When it can transcend your reality. This does exactly that for me. When I listen to this, nothing else matters. That’s when music is good. That’s what it’s supposed to do.

Tim Mullowney
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