Caitlyn Scarlett – War Cry

When a song strikes you at first listen, chances are high the artist behind it has a good story. Such is true of Caitlyn Scarlett, who shares personal experiences with complete sincerity and a deep, soulful sound. Following her debut release, “Bad Love”, earlier this year, Caitlyn spoke with Wonderland Magazine about how she hopes those connecting with her music and lyrics feel optimistic. She says, “I think that I have quite a good knack for putting myself in other people’s shoes and I’ve always been told that’s what makes my music relatable.”

Further, the 19-year old admits she tends to avoid modern-culture by aligning herself with music from the past. “I’m very much into a lot of older stuff. I don’t listen to a lot of modern music. I kind of get lost into a lot of stuff from the ‘60s and ‘70s.”

Giving reason to why her newest release, “War Cry”, is chalk full of haunting lyrics, bird calls and prehistoric references, Caitlyn notes, “anyone who knows me knows of my complete obsession with dinosaurs, like, I’m just really into them… the fact that music is as old as time, is how I feel about dinosaurs.”

Alison Parke
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