Cassie’s Music Year of 2015

Every December I feel obligated to say “What a year it has been” as I reflect on all that has happened in the past 11 1/2 months. This December is no different. In 2015 I lost a job, got a new job, joined the TMD team, saw the Northern Lights, found a new love for Argentinean wine, and made some amazing connections in this crazy industry we call music. When asked to develop my top list of 2015- I admittedly stared at the computer for what felt like hours. Blank. How can I pick top tracks when my ‘2015’ list is miles long?! So I turned back to reflecting on my year. What songs helped me through the tough times, and reminded me of the good ones. I came up with the below, and I hope you all enjoy.

And yes Tim, Parade of Lights was the first band I added.


Cassie Farley
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