Cherub, Lifesaver, Tonight

Cherub – Lifesaver + Bonus

Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber share a love of 80’s funk and pop that they swirl together into what is now known as Cherub. Their take on electro-pop can be a little more risque than most, which has helped these boys from Tennessee tear it up on hypem with Doses and Mimosas (also EXCELLENT remix here).  In the last few days they’ve released two treats for us to sink our teeth into.

Lifesaver is an upbeat pop track with a lot of bounce. The synth work in this song is truly awesome.



In Tonight, the boys slow it down a little to give us a taste of their versatility. The smooth R&B sound is perfect with their more irreverent lyrics. This is baby making music people, handle with care.



Jason Scott
  • Tim

    Is it me or does homeboy on the right kind of look like Cory Haim?

    December 12, 2013 at 3:46 pm

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