Crying for a fakeout #tbt

Aaaaand we’re back! After a brief hiatus and whirlwinds of emotion, it seems a fake out throwback Thursday-style track is the proper way to celebrate the last few weeks. Take the past, reminisce, and improve on it (maybe “cry” a little, then “revive”… ya know, cuz of the band and song name…? idk man). First time I heard this track, I immediately thought, “what stupid 80’s playlist did I accidentally click on? I don’t listen to 80s unless I’m at a cover band show with my mates, listening to Punk Goes 80s (amazing album btw), or at McFadden’s on 42nd and 2nd. Everyone knows, if you’re at McFadden’s, you go 80s” (and yes, I thought all those things right when the song came on), half way through the song, after I finished that thought, it was followed by, “hey wait a minute… that riff would be great for a movie montage! Maybe MY biographical movie’s montage!?”, and then, “oh this is actually a really good song… niiiiice”. Crying, an odd name for a band that’s for sure (although let’s be honest, we’ve seen much worse on this blog… Shit Present? Diarrhea Planet??), are an NYC-based trio who have matured from snarky EP writers to full-blown intricate LP debuters. Crying mix 80s synth with modern day indie sensibility and top it off with some stadium rock flare for good measure – “minus the teased hair, laser light show, and stadium,” according to NPR. You’ve got touches of Rush, REO Speedwagon, and Van Halen, all smoothed over with some silky female indie vocals. Their debut album, Beyond the Fleeting Gales, is an all around awesomely fun music experience. It goes fast, it goes slow, it goes just right. The full Goldilocks album, minus the bear walking in and ripping your face off.

Feli Says he’s back alive and kickin’

Felipe Macia
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