dvsn – Hallucinations

We’ve seen this story before: a mysterious Canadian R&B artist appears out of the blue and starts dropping professional-level tracks setting the indie music blogosphere into buzz building mode (looking at you, Weeknd circa 2011). So, although what dvsn — or the marketing team behind the mystery man — is doing may not be all that new or exciting, his latest contribution, “Hallucinations”, certainly is. “Hallucinations” is the 4th track to surface from dvsn and is arguably the best of the bunch. The track lyrically is about as direct as you can get about longing and lost love. However, where it really shines is in the gradual push and pull of harmonic bursts that highlight the emotional poignancy of the song and provide momentum over a continuously chugging bass. These elements make “Hallucinations” catchy, devastating, and beautiful all in one. Give it a listen below.

Jay Shemenski
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