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[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] The Lionheads – Everything Will Mean Something

Please make note: these guys will soon need no introduction — Norway-based band, The Lionheads, have had my heart pulsating heavy with their intricately easy sounds for weeks now, and I’m just weak in the knees over sharing them with you. They’ve captivated my mind and searched through my soul with their deeply understanding lyrics, elevating me into a complete oblivion with their perfect pitch, percolating guitar riffs and ruggedly handsome looks.

And, to make it all the better, they are fucking hysterical….

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Alison: First things first: thank you for taking the time to sit down and chat with us. It’s 1pm in NYC on a Friday, and I’m still slugging my morning coffee. I know it’s well past cocktail hour in Norway, so have to ask: how does your bar tab look right now?

The LionheadsHere you go.


Alison: Oh my cocktails, that’s impressive..

As much as men might try to hide it, us ladies know you too have a beauty regimen. And you’re a good lookin’ bunch. Who will be hogging the mirror before you hit the town tonight? Or who always needs an extra squirt of hair gel before stepping on stage?

The LionheadsThanks! Yes, we have to put in a lot of effort to be stage-ready. Nicolai’s mustache needs a careful brush, and we give Knut Magnus a fresh shave before every show.

And about the hair gel… Rudi and Oistein always need that extra squirt.

Alison: Rudi, you share a striking resemblance with Adam Levine. Born heartthrobs. If you could steal away one thing from Adam, what would it be? Things to consider: Behati Prinsloo.

The LionheadsBehati Prinsloo is an obvious choice, but I heard he is crazy good at doing handstands and difficult yoga positions. That would be cool. Can I steal his money as well?

Alison: If you get his money, share with me?

You guys must have a lot of fun together. Tell us about the band dynamic. If you were to play a game of ping-pong, how would you separate into teams? Is there a natural set of twosomes in the group, or just one big bromance?

The LionheadsAbsolutley, we try to keep our band dynamics as similar to the vibe in the sit-com Full House. In other words, one big happy bromance. Ping-pong tends to bring out our darkest sides so we stay away from it.

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Alison: Your music is genius. I am completely obsessed with your sound and your lyrics. Both are so powerful. Tell us about your creative process: do you take a collaborative approach? Or does each member have a specific role?

The LionheadsThanks a lot! There is no recipe for how we write song, but usually Rudi comes up with a riff or a melody and we work together from there. Sometimes things tend to fall into place instantly and other songs need much more care before it blossoms. Each song has its own unique process.

Alison: Is there a special someone you each sing your love songs to? In “Everything Will Mean Something,” whose face do you see as you sing, “I wish that you were home again / I stand here waiting ‘til the end / ‘Cause I don’t want to go?”

The LionheadsBehati Prinsloo. And of course, if we open our eyes while singing that line, hopefully we’ll see her in the crowd.

Alison: We can’t wait for the US release of your debut album, Human Walk, later this Spring. As a Norwegian band, what does entering the US music arena mean to you? If you could sell out a show in one city, which would it be?

The LionheadsWe can’t wait either! It has been a long dream for all of us to release our music in the US. It’s very exciting to release our music to the world’s biggest music market. The feedback we have gotten so far has been overwhelming. To get recognition from the US listeners keeps us working our butts off to come over and play for you guys. To choose one city is very hard. There are so many cities we would like to play, but if we have to choose one, New York would be it.  

Alison: Guys, this has been fun. Thanks for hanging with us. Close it out with whatever comes to mind first – GO!

The Lionheads: Thanks for talking to us! We couldn’t afford our bar tab so we need to run! Bye!

Alison Parke
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