Feli’s Essential 2016

Throwing my hat in the ring with every other idiot who thinks their 2016 list is the best, here is my Essential 2016 Playlist which is also the best (ok, it’s prob not the best, but at least it’s not “basic” – in my eyes, the worst possible description one could give me). Similarly to last year, most of these tracks correspond to a great 2016 album (see: Martha, Pinegrove, Anderson Paak, PUP, Moose Blood, Sturgill Simpson, Trash Boat, Boston Manor, The Sun Days, Empty Houses). All in all, 2016 was a solid music year (especially for UK punk: anyone surprised?), with some breakout stars (see: Anderson Paak), some vets churning out good new stuff (see: The xx), and quite a few musician deaths (see: all the old ppl). And now that we know Coachella’s lineup for 2017 is about as bad as it gets and that they’ve completely sold out to the mainstream fat-cats, we can scalp our pre-ordered tickets to some tweens that’ll pay 300 bucks to only see Queen Bey & Lorde while wearing culturally insensitive headdresses, flower crowns, and sneaking in to the super hip Lacoste Pool Party (…). What were we talking about? Oh ya, 2016 Tracks! Here they are (not in order of faves, but in listenable playlist order), and the Spotify link to boot. The Turnover and Donnie Trumpet tracks are from 2015, but they were defining 2016 songs for me, so they’ve been included with asterisks.

Feli Says Listen to this for sure


Felipe Macia
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