California electro-grunge-surfers FMLYBND, is a sextet of synthers, drummers, & guitarists who have become “family,” hence the name (verrry original) – and since not using vowels in your band name is the new black, well, there ya go… After stealing the show in 2013 at Santa Barbara’s New Noise Music Festival, their life evolved in to one of extreme comfort. A day in the life, according to lead singer, comprises of: waking up and going to “Caje” for an hour or two for coffee (wtf!?) and general chilling, then depending on schedules, either surfing, playing tunes, or maybe a part time job for a bit (hoping to do less and less), followed by chilling harder. Damn. Cali here I come.

It worked for Simon.. :-/

Felipe Macia
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