Futurecop! – Coming Home (Teen Daze Remix)

Sometimes you get a little nugget in your inbox. This is ones of those freshies. My eyes lit up when I saw what was a new track from Futurecop! They were one of the first artists I blogged about back when I was rocking a blogspot in 2010 – and here we are three years later, and I’m still blogging about them. Pretty cool if you ask me. Then we get a kicker cause we get the stylings of Teen Daze to go with it. That’s just God smiling down on us right there. This remix has everything you want it to have. It takes us back to a time when Deloreans were THE mode of transport. Hoverboards were just around the corner. And Tubbs and Crocket were fighting crime with their white blazer sleeves rolled up. A magical place.

Tim Mullowney
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