Last Lynx – Killing Switch (Sound Remedy Remix)

Not that you follow me on twitter. But if you did, you’d know that yesterday I asked my 4 followers, when would dubstep be over? The reason I ask is because dubstep is just terrible. I’m pretty open to new music. And I do not get dubstep. You know why? Cause it sucks. There. I said it. If I wanted to hear two robots trying to kill one another, I’d go watch Transformers with Shia Labouf. But this remix from Sound Remedy is dubstep – done correctly. Tastefully even. Just a light wobble and wiggle here and there. That’s all you need. Thank you Sound Remedy for bringing it back to basics. Well done.

Tim Mullowney
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  • Max

    fu Tim. I like me some occasional dub.

    January 24, 2013 at 11:20 am

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