made violent

Made Violent – (studio garage rock)

These 3 dudes from Buffalo, NY describe themselves as a World Famous American Rock Band…. Grandiose ambitions are the only kind you should have though¬†(even if ur a fledgling garage band)! If your ambition’s not awe-inspiring and face melting in its own way… well go take a hard look in the mirror mister. This rock is lo-fi, fun, and garage bouncy (even if it is a bit “major label polished”). The three inseparable best buds never intended on taking over the world; they just wanted to sit around, drink Four Loko, and play tunes – but then Columbia Records came a-knockin’, they released their first real EP in February (it’s real good), and played SXSW. So far so good boys. We’ve got some catching up to do.

I’m done askin’… feliSAYSlisten

Felipe Macia
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