Bombay Bicycle Club, Luna, Make Up Monday

Make Up Monday: Bombay Bicycle Club – Luna

I don’t know how Luna snuck by us the first time, but I couldn’t in good conscience let it fade without a mention. I’ve had it in heavy rotation since February and it hasn’t gotten old at all.

Bombay Bicycle Club is an awesome quartet from London (as if you hadn’t already heard) and they really nail it with Luna. It seems like a whimsical trip at first, but the song methodically builds combining excellent verses with choruses full of wordless sounds, reaching an impressive crescendo.

This track is unique in it’s approach and melange of sounds. I really haven’t gotten tired of it as a whole or the layer upon layer of elements that get woven together here. There are so many things going on, that you should listen to it several times through to really hear everything. This is not one to miss, hence it’s emphatic appearance on Make Up Monday. Get some, immediately!




Jason Scott
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