Disclosure – Magnets ft. Lorde (Jon Hopkins Remix)

Disclosure second album, Caracal, came out back in September and now the duo are putting out remixes to celebrate the release of 'Magnets' as a proper single. One of these remixes comes from UK producer and electronic experimentalist Jon Hopkins. Hopkins' version pulls apart the...

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Disclosure, Wookie RMX, Voices

Disclosure – Voices (Wookie RMX)

Full disclosure, I am a big Disclosure fan (yes yes, terrible pun intended). I  was always a fan, but ever since I saw them at the Treasure Island Music Festival a few months ago I have really been feeling the grove. They played an awesome...

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Sam Smith – Safe With Me

Right now I am in a rather introspective mood. I am not sure if it's all the David Foster Wallace and Don DeLillo I've been reading, the rainy weather, the Marc Maron podcasts I've been listening to, or what...

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Disclosure – You & Me (Flume Remix)

I am addicted to Disclosure, I admit it (first step), but with this absolutely incredible remix by Flume I am skipping the other 11 steps of the program and letting my addiction flourish. This is genius, guys. I don't know what sort of magic Flume...

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Disclosure – F For You

Disclosure are feeling generous this week, dropping two new tracks - yeah, I'll say it - for my birthday. First was When A Fire Starts To Burn, which is catchy as hell (no pun intended). Now this gem. They decided to release their first album...

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