MisterWives – Our Own House

I wonder how many times I have promised something to someone, but never followed through with whatever it was. And not because I wanted my word to break, but because I made the promise outside of who I was...

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Max’s Top 14 of 2014

No winners, no losers, just the 14 sounds of 2014 that make me smile the most.  They are in order from the least number of Soundcloud streams to the most.  And yes, one may have blatantly came out in Dec 2013, but too late to make last...

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Make-up Monday: Misterwives – Reflections

Released in January, this title track off Misterwives' debut EP gets a track-of-the-year nominee for sure. For more info on the band check out my girl Jessie's extensive coverage over at MJF. Otherwise, just watch the acoustic session they did for The Wild Honey Pie...

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