Jason’s Favorites – 2014

It's been an interesting year for the world at large, as well as for me personally. We had a World Cup, an Ebola outbreak, The Fappening, Ferguson, the Sony Hack and an Ice Bucket Challenge. Robin Williams, Maya Angelou and Philip Seymour Hoffman are no...

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Wunder Wunder – Midnight Hours (Zimmer Remix)

Hadn’t been back to my college town for nearly three years, since I graduated in 2011. If you’ve never been to Dallas, get yourself there. Actually, if you’ve never been to Texas, find a reason to go. I am in major recovery mode this Monday...

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Wunder Wunder, Coastline

Wunder Wunder – Coastline

Wunder Wunder is the conception of Australian, LA based music producers, Aaron Shanahan and Benjamin Plant. Coastline is their first effort at bringing us a single and I'm loving it. Their Facebook page lays it down: After many years of producing and writing electronic music, the...

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